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Is AFLAC Really Worth It?

Written by dreilly. Posted in Blog, education

We’ve all seen the duck.  He’s the quacky little fella who tells us to ask about AFLAC at work.  But what is AFLAC?  Why would we ask for it at work?  And why should we listen to a duck?

The duck leads an advertising campaign created in 1999.  The marketing has been so brilliant that today AFLAC is perhaps known more for the quacky character than it is for the insurance services it provides.  In fact, the duck has been so successful that it even holds a place on Madison Avenue’s Walk of Fame as one of America’s Favorite Advertising Icons.

AFLAC insures members by offering cash benefits for a variety of events that create out of pocket expenses.  Policies include, but are not limited to, accident, sickness, cancer and other specified health events, hospital confinement, disability and dental and vision.  Each policy can be selected individually and are typically offered through employers who conveniently payroll deduct the monthly premiums.  This is why we’re told to “ask about it at work.”

AFLAC policies are generally available without much in the way of medical underwriting and they do not require medical exams.  Where an employer does not offer a benefit, for example dental or disability income protection, employees can purchase a policy based upon individual needs, regardless of whether other employees have the same needs.  It’s truly a voluntary product.

One of the best uses of an AFLAC benefit can be found within the accident and sickness plans.  With so many medical plans adopting high deductibles these days, cash benefits for injuries and illness compliment the health plan by providing dollars that can be used to help pay the deductible.  This can be a great help to the many without savings or disposable dollars, particularly at time when stresses are likely high as a result of the injury or sickness.

With over 60 million members worldwide AFLAC, a Fortune 500 company, is one the largest insurance companies providing individual policies.  There are many reasons for this success, including the wide variety of products, low cost, little paperwork, speedy claim turnaround, and yes, even the duck.  If you don’t already have AFLAC, then you may want to “ask for it at work.”  It’s worth it.

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Comments (2)

  • Thursday, 3 May 2012 at 8:20 pm |

    Most health inuansrce companies already have the one a year no deductible check-up. for women is the mammogram and pep, for man is prostate. I have BC BS and that is the way it is. The idea of getting money back for doing what one should be responsible of doing, it’s absurd. What we need is the Government out of our private lives. I knew what my responsibilities were long before I became 57. I find that the more we invite others especially the Government to tell us how to conduct ourselves, the more dependent we become and less self-sufficient

    • emberleo
      Friday, 21 February 2014 at 10:04 pm |

      Real – what exactly does the aflac pitch have to do with the government? Idiot. You people with your ideals of anarchy just like to hear yourselves talk. Same old talking points whether it goes with the subject at hand or not.

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