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Archive for April, 2012


Your Thoughts About Pet Insurance?

Written by dreilly. Posted in Blog


The market for pet Insurance has grown quite a bit over the last few years.  Most who have the coverage purchase individually, but some employers have looked to add the option for employees to purchase on a group-rated, voluntary basis through their benefit programs

Do you have pet insurance?  What’s been your experience?  Have you been pleased with the cost/benefit?  We appreciate your comments and feedback.


Get a Free Pedometer App

Written by dreilly. Posted in Blog, education, employee communications

CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield is now offering a free pedometer app as a means to encourage healthy living. 

You’ll be able to count your steps, distance traveled and calories burned for each workout with Ready, Step, Go!.  Aim for 10,000 steps a day to help control your weight, reduce stress, strengthen your heart and lungs, and improve bone density.   Just visit your favorite app store and search for Ready, Step, Go!  It’s a free download for those who have an iPhone, iPod Touch or Droid smartphone.  

Go get it and start walking today.  It’s free! 



What is Your Opinion of ObamaCare?

Written by dreilly. Posted in Blog, health care reform, PPACA

Since it’s passage on march 23, 2010, public opinion about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has remained deeply divided.  For two years now we’ve been treated to an endless supply of polls that demonstrate the philosophical differences amoung Democrats and Republicans.   It’s been great fodder for campaign commercials and weekend news shows.  But what do the party polls really tell us – that Democrats and Republicans disagree?  We should all be surprised! 

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation recently released an interesting tracking tool that looks at public opinion of PPACA in a more detailed, more interesting, way.  This tracker looks at opinions and how they may or may not have changed for of a variety of groups since President Obama signed the legislation.  The data demonstrates differences among party affiliation, but more importantly, it also demonstrates the differences among groups based upon age, gender, income, and even insurance status.  While these results may not be so surprising either, the data certainly paints a better picture of how deeply divided the country remains over ObamaCare.  

It’s an interesting tool.  Check it out.    Click here.


Our experience with Reilly Benefits has been very positive. The courteous and friendly staff has taken care of our every need. Their knowledge and dedication have afforded us the opportunity to thoroughly explain the benefits and importance of insurance coverage to our employees. I would highly recommend this organization to any individual or business for all types of insurance or tax planning.

Dottie Wyatt, Controller
Atlantic Cycle & Power

'Reilly Benefits has earned our trust through their steadfastness in looking to our interests first and fulfilling our needs in the volatile benefits marketplace. We are happy to include Reilly Benefits in our close circle of business associates.'

Ric Stonesifer, HR Administrator
Aviation Systems Engineering

Reilly Benefits has earned our trust through their steadfastness in looking to our interests first and fulfilling our needs in the volatile benefits marketplace. We are happy to include Reilly Benefits in our close circle of business associates.

Ric Stonesifer, HR Administrator
Aviation Systems Engineering
'We rely on the recommendations of Reilly Benefits to provide plan options for our employees in a way that controls our costs and we feel great relief knowing that they keep us abreast of health care legislation and other issues that affect the managemnent of our plans.'

Regina Anderson
Vice President
Dennis Anderson Construction
'The commitment Reilly Benefits makes to our company to ensure our benefits and claims are handled promptly and correctly goes beyond that of any agency I have seen in my 20 years of working with insurance brokers.'

Karen Siebert, CFO
Great Mills Trading Post


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