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We pride ourselves on providing each of our clients full disclosure, transparency and accountability across all aspects of our business and the insurance industry.

We value everyone of you.

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Individual Plans

Individual Plans are available either through the Maryland Health Exchange or by purchasing directly from one of two insurance carriers that offer plans to Maryland citizens. Plan options are the same; however, only applications through the Exchange are eligible for premium tax credits.

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Welcome to Reilly Benefits

We are employee benefits professionals who partner with businesses to design, implement and manage employee benefit programs. Employers have accountants to manage their financial needs, attorneys to handle legal needs and doctors to handle medical needs. Likewise, Reilly Benefits, Inc. provides advice and guidance concerning your insurance and employee benefits needs.

We are independent licensed professionals with decades of experience whose purpose is to aid our clients in realizing the full potential of their benefits programs. We advise and counsel our clients from every possible aspect of plan design, administration, communication and compliance, thus enabling our clients to attract and retain the highest quality employees and receiving the most “bang for the benefit dollar.”

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Reilly Benefits, Inc. represents every available carrier in the marketplace and operates under this important motto: we work for and represent our clients, not the insurance companies. This allows us to develop lasting relationships with our clients based on honest and trustworthy advice and counsel.

Reilly Benefits Provides

In addition to full disclosure, transparency and accountability across all aspects of our business and the insurance industry, we pride ourselves on providing each of our clients the following services:

  • Employee benefit plan design and strategic planning
  • Customized employee communications
  • Open enrollment services
  • Streamlined administrative connections
  • Compliance advice and guidance
  • Independent annual cost/benefit renewal analysis

Tailoring benefit packages to meet our clients needs

Reilly Benefits, Inc. directs its focus on assuring that all aspects of your benefits package overcome the challenges faced in small to mid sized business marketplace. We have detailed knowledge and experience with increasingly popular pre-tax benefits, like health savings accounts (HSAs) and health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) that are empowering consumers to keep costs under control. Pre-tax benefits can be used to lower plan costs and to compliment a total benefit program.

Our professionalism and dedication to each and every client means you will always receive honest, accurate, and courteous service. We stake our reputation not only on results but also on the importance of quality, accountable customer service and accessibility. Reilly Benefits, Inc. guides employers through the maze of confusing state and federal regulations: COBRA, HIPAA, ERISA, ADA, Maryland Small Group Reform, and most impacting these days, the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The bottom line is we work with you and for you in every area of your employee benefit needs.

Reilly Benefits is one of the Top Three finalists for the Small Business Award.

We are so excited for the cocktail party and awards ceremony, held at Anchored Inn on Friday, April 21st. It’s going to be a great evening full of festivities!

Reilly Benefits - Business Awards Finalists